Video Poker Strategy and Tips

We mentioned in our section devoted to free video poker that the simplistic nature of the game is really a benefit. In games like Texas Hold 'Em, both online and off, you have to be able to read opponents, tell whether they are bluffing or not, and do a little bluffing yourself. However, an effective and winning video poker strategy is easy to follow because you are never required to make any tough decisions. Each hand you must place a wager, and also decide which cards you discard and which cards you keep. That is it as far as the decision-making process goes.

While many players think of this as a negative, this is actually what can turn your video poker odds in your favor. If you can teach yourself to play according to a very strict set of rules that depends on your first five cards dealt every time, and you locate those online Vegas video poker sites with the best pay tables, you can actually expect a payback percentage of over 100% playing a game like Full Pay Deuces Wild with what veterans call Simple Strategy. And if you use the advanced Optimal Strategy, you can even push your payback percent close to 101%.

There are few casino games which give you this incredible ability to routinely expect either a coin flip or a slight edge when you make a wager. But it depends on you following a predetermined course of action on every hand. When you learn how to play video poker the strategically correct way, you may still find yourself wanting to risk a long shot every now and then. That is fine. Playing online video poker should be fun and exciting, while also delivering the possibility for a home run every now and then. Understanding online video poker odds will also contribute to your playing strategy.

Best Casinos To Learn How To Play Video Poker Online

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It is up to you how far you want to take your video poker strategy. But if you want to enjoy the best possible winning percentages at Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and any other online video poker game, making the "correct" play every time is very important. It may not be as sexy as taking the long shot, but if you are playing to attempt to make a profit, following previously successful video poker tips and strategies is required. You can still go for broke and take a home run shot every once in a while, ensuring that you experience the true Las Vegas gambler's rush of potentially scoring a huge financial payday.

While this short introduction is nowhere long enough to discuss how to play video poker with the different available strategies, just remember this. After your first five cards are dealt, figure out how many different possible hands you can attempt to make with your current five cards. You then choose the highest possible hand you have a shot at hitting, and play your cards accordingly. This is known as a Simple Strategy for most online video poker games, and there are dozens of variations for the different games which you can find online. Just remember, as we recommended in our free play section, play for free to develop a winning strategy, then make a deposit and grab your free bonus money. Then continue to allow a video poker strategy to make all the hard decisions for you, and good luck with the fickle finger of Lady Luck.