Understanding Odds for Winning Video Poker

The video poker odds online that you will experience can vary greatly from one site to the next. Just like welcome bonuses, user interfaces and software providers, the actual odds which dictate your chance to win can make one website more attractive than another. Since the odds themselves do not change, as you are dealing with a set number of cards, you want to choose the video poker casino where the payout is higher for the same type of hand. For example, when you are drawing one card to a royal flush, you have a 1 in 47 chance of getting exactly the card you need. This is going to be true no matter what site you play at, but the payout can be drastically different, so play at the more favorable casino.

Vegas video poker odds will change according to the type of game you are playing from time to time. In a video poker game like Deuces Wild you have a much better chance of hitting your hand than in the popular Jacks or Better online video poker game since wild cards come into play. But just remember that if you compare the same game on different sites, then it pays to simply play at that web casino that offers the larger payout for the same hands. (Every Vegas online video poker game has the pay table displayed prominently.) If you are fortunate enough to turn one pair into four of a kind while playing a video poker game with no wild cards, you have just beat some of the hardest Las Vegas online video poker odds there are.

The odds of you pulling that feat are 1 in 360, and if you shop around, you can find those reputable and secure video poker casinos which will award you with 125 credits on a full 5 credit play. So it doesn't make too much sense to play on a site which may offer you 100 credits in that exact same situation. Once you find a website which has been legally licensed in a viable offshore location to deliver Las Vegas style online video poker to US, European and worldwide gamblers, you look for the best pay table, as we just mentioned. All the sites we recommend are legally licensed in reputable, safe and secure offshore locations, providing access to both US and international players. Next, you need to know what the odds for winning video poker are in any given situation, so you can make the right play.

Las Vegas online video poker odds show that you will only successfully fill an open-ended straight when drawing two cards 1 in 23 times. While a straight pays significantly more than a pair of jacks or better, if your first five virtual cards have a high pair as well as an inside straight draw, you may want to keep the pair and throw three cards away. This is because turning one pair into two pairs happens 1 in every 6 times, and turning your pair into three of a kind happens 1 in every 9 opportunities. Whatever video poker strategy you use when you play is entirely up to you, but knowing the odds in video poker can give you a realistic expectation for winning, so you can change your game play accordingly.

We highly recommend playing Vegas online video poker for free before risking your cash, because this will give you an instant understanding of how the game works. You can also keep a handy chart nearby showing the odds for winning video poker in the more common situations you will run across. This helps you decide how you are going to play a particular hand if you have a couple of choices. Drawing one card to make a flush gives you a 1 in 5 chance at winning, and when you draw one card to attempt to fill an open ended straight, you will be successful on average 1 in every 6 tries. Knowing that a flush pays 30 credits and a straight rewards you with 20 credits at your particular online casino shows that it is not only easier to fill the flush in this particular example, but it also pays more. Become intimately familiar with your video poker odds online, play accordingly, and you will find you are enjoying many more winning sessions.

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Online Video Poker Odds

The examples below show on average the odds of getting what you are chasing in video poker (assuming no wild cards or non-standard games). For example, turning trips into a full house only happens on average 1 in 16 tries.

Improving Any Pairs
Turning one pair into two pairs Odds: 1 / 6
Turning one pair into three of a kind Odds: 1 / 9
Turning two pair into a full house Odds: 1 / 12
Turning one pair into a quad Odds: 1 / 360
Improving Trips
Turning three of a kind into a full house Odds: 1 / 16
Turning three of a kind into quads Odds: 1 / 24
Filling A Flush
Drawing one card to hit a flush Odds: 1 / 5
Drawing two cards to hit a flush Odds: 1 / 24
Filling A Straight
Drawing one card into an open ended straight Odds: 1 / 6
Drawing two cards into an open ended straight Odds: 1 / 23
Drawing a single card to make an inside straight Odds: 1 / 12
Completing A Straight Flush
Drawing one card into an open ended straight flush Odds: 1 / 24
Drawing one card to fill a royal flush Odds: 1 / 47