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Deuces Wild video poker is one of the most common video poker variants you will find at online casinos, the other being Jacks or Better. What makes this particular video poker game unique is that the 2 of Spades, 2 of Clubs, 2 of Hearts and 2 of Diamonds are all considered wild cards. You can use them as any card you desire, which obviously gives you a better chance at completing your hand than in a standard Jacks or Better game, or some other video poker version where there are no wild cards. You will obviously get better hands more frequently because of those wild cards, and this is what makes Deuces Wild video poker such a popular choice for online gamblers.

Generally speaking, you can expect somewhere between a 97% and 99% payout when playing this game, regardless which type of software manufacturer is providing the user interface. And when using a perfect video poker strategy, Deuces Wild video poker is one of the few offerings found online which can actually return the player a more than 100% payout expectation, over the long run. The incredibly simple user interface allows for rapid play, and you may bet between one and five coins on each hand. You simply place your bet, hit the "spin" or "deal" button on the control panel, and you are given five random cards. You then select which cards you would like to keep and which you would like to discard, and click on the "draw" or "deal" button. After you receive these final cards, you are paid according to the best possible poker hand you have. Below is an example of a Deuces Wild video poker game that gives you a general idea of the appearance and functionality of the interface.

deuces wild video poker

If you play from 1 to 4 coins on any given spin, Deuces Wild video poker will usually pay you around 250 coins for every coin that you wager when you hit a Royal Flush with no deuces. However, the big money shows up when you bet a full 5 coin maximum. Get that same Royal Flush with no deuces, in any suit, when you have bet 5 coins and you generally receive a much larger payout with a big bonus, somewhere in the range of 3,000 to 4,000 coins. There are also progressive Deuces Wild video poker machines at some online casinos, but because of the ability to hit a massive hand and win an extremely large progressive jackpot, the odds for these machines are a little less friendly than a standard, non-progressive Deuces Wild game.

When you can find a Full Pay Deuces Wild video poker machine online, it pays out slightly better than the standard version. And bear in mind while you are playing that the smallest hand which is paid is three of a kind. When playing Jacks or Better, the minimal payout is offered on a pair of Jacks or higher, thus the name. Also, many Deuces Wild video poker machines that you will find at the legitimate Internet casinos will often allow you to double or even quadruple your winnings on a winning hand. For instance, if you make three of a kind on a particular hand, a prompt appears on your display that congratulates you on your 5 coin win, and then you are offered an option to double your winnings to 10 coins. If you say no, you still win the 5 coins that you are awarded for three of a kind, and if you say yes, you will be given some type of option where you must make a choice which will dictate whether you double up to 10 coins, or lose the 5 coins you just won. Here is an example of a Bonus Deuces Wild video poker game with the bonus option showing at the completion of the winning hand.

bonus deuces wild video poker

We mentioned above that when you play Deuces Wild video poker with what is known in the online gaming industry as a "perfect strategy" you can expect more than a 100% payout expectation over time. This means that you will obviously keep any deuce that shows up in your hand, since it is a wild card, and never discard a made or "pat" hand. The only exception to that second rule is if you have a chance at a straight flush or Royal flush, especially when betting the max 5 coins. It is worth taking a shot in those situations because the payout is so large. Deuces Wild video poker played on your smartphone or PC at a respected Internet casino delivers better odds than many other Internet gambling options. The smooth and simple, not to mention speedy, user interface is also attractive, as you can play several hands in a minute, which is one of the reasons this is one of the most popular Internet casino games you will find online.

If you want to try a few rounds for fun, this game is typically included in the free video poker options at the online casinos featured below. Utilizing free play provides you with an opportunity to become acclimated to the user interface and the betting schematics before you start wagering real money. We also have additional detailed information concerning video poker odds.

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